Java Test for the Gong System

Gong uses Java. To know whether your system has Java you can take a look at the following tests.

The Gong System (Version 5.0.6C) - Application

If you run the Gong system as an application, you can ignore the test because Java runtime environment is already embedded in the application. In other words you only need to install the Gong application in order to run the Gong program.

The Gong System (Version 5.0.6C) - Applet

The following test is for the Gong system. It will tell you whether your machine is capable of running the system.

Please refer to the requirements for further information.

† If you have a version of Java between 1.5.0 (5.0) and 1.5.0_02 (5.0 update 2), which is very unlikely as this was distributed for only a short time in 2006, then you may not be able to play back voice messages because of a software problem in those versions of Java.

The Gong System (Version 5.0.6C) - Moodle

You can refer to the above Applet test for the Gong Moodle module because Gong is used as applets inside Moodle.