Gong Application Trial

The Gong system can be run as an application or as a Java applet. In this page, the trial version of the Gong application can be downloaded and installed as an application.

A Gong application is a program which is used to access a Gong server. This trial version will access our Gong server.

You can download the Windows installation package here:

Gong Application 5.0.6C (Trial)
Filesize: 14.2Mb

Only the above package is required to run the application version of the Gong system. You are not required to install Java explicitly because it is embedded in the software.

If you are using systems other than Windows you can try Gong using either the Gong applet or the MiniGong applet.

System Login
System Login

In the Gong system login window, press the button Guest