Java Test for NanoGong

NanoGong uses Java. To know whether your system has Java you can take a look at the following test. It will tell you whether your machine is capable of running the NanoGong applet.

Please refer to the requirements for further information.

† If you have a version of Java between 1.5.0 (5.0) and 1.5.0_02 (5.0 update 2), which is very unlikely as this was distributed for only a short time in 2006, then you may not be able to play back voice messages because of a software problem in those versions of Java.

NanoGong - Moodle 1 and Moodle 2

You can refer to the above Applet test for the use of NanoGong in Moodle 1 and Moodle 2. However this Applet test is applicable to the NanoGong applet only. It does not include any checking for the use of the NanoGong Module/Activity and HTML editor extension in Moodle 1 and Moodle 2.