NanoGong 5.0 Free and open source!
Moodle 1 and Moodle 2 integration!

Important: Details of the current situation of using the NanoGong applet inside the Chrome browser »

What is NanoGong?

Basic features of the NanoGong applet

NanoGong is an applet that can be used by someone to record, playback and save their voice, in a web page. When the recording is played back the user can speed up or slow down the sound without changing it. The speeded up or slowed down version of the recorded sound can be saved to the user's hard disk, if he/she wishes More Details ».

There are special features for programmers, such as the ability to show or hide parts of the NanoGong interface More Details », or to completely control what the applet does More Details ».


The NanoGong applet has been released as an open source project since version 3. The picture below shows the NanoGong applet with all components shown.

The NanoGong Applet
An image of the NanoGong applet

Using NanoGong in Moodle

The Homepage
The Homepage

The applet can be used on a web page by itself or as an integrated component in Moodle, the most popular open source learning management system. It provides a very simple and transparent voice support for Moodle through the use of a NanoGong activity module and a NanoGong extension to the HTML editor for both Moodle 1 More Details ». and Moodle 2 More Details ».

Latest Updates and Events

27 Jan 2014 NanoGong 5.0 released!
23 Jun 2013 NanoGong and Moodle 2 integration modules released!
17 Sep 2012 NanoGong and Moodle 2 integration modules 4.2.3 released!
19 July 2012 NanoGong and Moodle 2 integration modules 4.2.2 released!
11 June 2012 NanoGong and Moodle 2 integration modules 4.2.1 released!
25 May 2012 web site released!
25 May 2012 NanoGong and Moodle 2 integration modules 4.2 released!
18 May 2011 NanoGong version 4.2 is released!
4 Mar 2011 NanoGong version 4.1 is released!
28 Apr 2010 NanoGong version 4.0 is released!
11 September 2009 NanoGong version 3.2 is released!
20 August 2008 NanoGong version 3.1 is released!
11 August 2008 NanoGong version 3.0 is released and becomes open source!
12 March 2008 NanoGong version 2.0 is released!
7 March 2008 The new NanoGong website is up and running!
6 July 2007 NanoGong version 1.0 is released!