Gong Moodle Module

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Moodle is a free, open source learning management system. Right now it is one of the most widely used learning management systems. For more information you can visit the Moodle homepage.

Although Moodle by itself is a great system it does not previously have any embedded support for voice communication. Therefore we have created a Gong Moodle module so that teachers using Moodle can easily put a Gong discussion board into a course.

The Gong activity can be supported as an individual one (for a course as a whole) or a grouped one (for each group inside a course). The module provides a seamless integration. For example, user authentication in the Gong system is done transparently to the users. They are not ever required to log on the Gong system separately once they have logged on to Moodle.

The features that are supported now in the Gong Moodle module are:

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The installation of the Gong Moodle module is as straightforward as any Moodle module. However you do need to setup a Gong server as well. For details please visit the Gong and Moodle installation instructions page.