Usage and Download Statistics of the Gong System

When people download the Gong system (from here) they need to enter some simple information. Based on that information and communication with people around the world we have the following observations about the usage of Gong.

Example Institutions Using the Gong System

There have been hundreds of downloads of the Gong system. Here are some institutions which we know are actively using Gong.

  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • College of Life Long Learning, Hong Kong
  • City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Ju Chu Ching Secondary School, Hong Kong
  • Department of Education, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
  • University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Virtual Language Center, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  • Ohio University, USA
  • University of Kalmar, Sweden
  •, USA
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • East Stroudsburg University, USA
  • University of New Orleans, USA

Use of Gong Around the World

The Gong project is freely available (from here) so everybody can download it and use it. There have been 794 downloads of the Gong system around the world from 15 July 2005 up to 17 August 2007.

From the information gathered for each download we can summarize the distribution of countries to which the Gong system has been downloaded in the following chart.

Country Statistics of Gong Downloads

There has been interest in Gong from all over the world and enormous interest since version 5 (release July 2006) in particular. This is because for that version onwards Gong has integratable with the Moodle system, and became free for non-profit use.

When people download Gong they are asked how many people will use the system. After appropriate filtering of the data it indicates there are 85,500 users who are using Gong around the world. We can summarize the distribution of Gong users in different countries in the following chart.

Number of Users Statistics of Gong Downloads

Use of Gong with/without Moodle

Statistics of Moodle Users and Non-Moodle Users

From the gathered statistics we can determine the percentage of people who download gong for use with Moodle. As shown on the right, approximately two thirds of people download Gong for use with Moodle, with one third using Gong as a stand-alone system.