Selective Word/Phrase Playback

The Voice Analysis Interface
The Interface to Selectively Play a Word or Phrase

For some messages, you can click on individual words or phrases and hear that words or phrases played to you.

To be able to do this, the author has to put the script of the speech as the text content of the same message. An example is shown in the image on the right.

And then to play a single word in the speech, the user simply moves the mouse pointer over the word and double-clicks on the left mouse button.

Play a Single Word
Selectively Play a Single Word within a Sentence
The image on the left shows how to play a single word "Pathfinder" in the message. Double-click on the word "Pathfinder" and then you hear this word once without hearing any other part of the recording.

This is very useful for English learners as they can listen to the pronunciation of a particular word many times. Also, you can select several words in the same way and hear them.

Play a Phrase
Selectively Play some Words within a Sentence
To playback several words, the user needs to highlight the phrase in the text and then click on the play button. This selective playback can be done on a few words, a sentence, a paragraph or even the whole text.

In the image on the right, the phrase "no intention of" has been selected in the text. Once the play button is pressed, the phrase would be played once.