Advanced Message Search

Find Text in a Branch of Boards
Find Text in a Branch of Boards
The Gong system is capable of performing a text search across multiple boards. With this feature a user can search for text not only in the current discussion board but also in a whole branch of discussion boards. There are a whole range of options that can be selected for the search. For example you can search only one of the author, subject or content of a message. In addition you can perform a regular expression search as well as plain text search.

After searching for the text the search results are displayed in a separate window. It shows all messages containing the text and also the location and sometimes the time of the text in the message. The time is only displayed when the message is indexed. In this case the user can start playing the message from where the text is found because the time is known. For example, in the image below, for the message "Dave Turns into a Potato", all occurrences of the text "mother" are marked together with the time of the word in the message.

Text Search Results for the Word mother
Text Search Results for the Word "mother"