Gong Real-time Control

A Gong applet scripting interface is provided by the Gong system in order to facilitate real-time communications between the Gong applet and the HTML page containing the applet.

There are two functions provided in the interface:

  • String sendGongRequest(String xmlString)
    Make a request to the Gong applet using an XML string such as playing and stopping a voice recording.
  • String sendGongRequest(String request, String param1, ...)
    Make a request using plain text strings with up to four parameters.

The full specification of these two functions can be found in the user guide of the Gong system.

To illustrate the scripting interface we have created the following examples which use JavaScript to communicate with the Gong applet. Although we use JavaScript in these examples there is no restriction on the scripting language, such as VBScript, being used.

Proceed to try out the examples »

If you are interested in reading more about how to integrate Gong into another system, we recommend you look at the following paper, Web Content Development and Integration Using the Gong System, at the 4th AEARU Workshop on Network Education [ pdf - 781Kb ].