Gong Startup Parameters Examples

You can control several features of Gong by passing parameters to it when it starts. This is true both for the Gong applet and the Gong application. In this web page we show several examples. Also, you can experience Gong start-up parameter control for real by going to the following link.

Proceed to try out the Gong applet with different parameters »

To specify the parameters, for the Gong application the values are listed in the gong.ini file inside the Gong installation directory. For Gong applet, the parameter values are listed in the form of different param elements within the the applet tag in HTML.

The following are some examples of color and font modification together with their parameter values.

Example 1 - With only font modifications

Fonts Modified
Fonts after Modifications
Fonts with Default Values
Fonts with Default Values

Parameter Values:

System.ControlFont = Comic Sans MS
System.UserFont = Georgia

Example 2 - Using the "Windows XP" colors and fonts

The "Windows XP" Colors and Fonts

Parameter Values:

System.Color = b9cbf3
System.SecondaryColor = ece9d8
System.BackgroundColor = ece9d8
System.ControlFont = Sans Serif
System.UserFont = Sans Serif

Example 3 - Using the "Moodle" colors and fonts (What is Moodle? †)

The "Moodle" Colors and Fonts

Parameter Values:

System.Color = ffc909
System.SecondaryColor = ffe582
System.BackgroundColor = ffedab
System.ControlFont = Trebuchet MS
System.UserFont = Trebuchet MS

† If you are actually using moodle with Gong then this is handled automatically for you. Please see the Gong Moodle page.


Example 4 - Using the "Site@School" colors and fonts (What is Site@School? ‡)

The "Site@School" Colors and Fonts

Parameter Values:

System.Color = dfe9ff
System.SecondaryColor = ece9d8
System.BackgroundColor = ededed
System.ControlFont = Verdana
System.UserFont = Verdana

‡ Currently the Gong system is not implemented as a module for Site@School. It is under consideration for the future.