The Compact Version - MiniGong

What is MiniGong?

Major Components in the 'Full' Gong Board Display
Major Components in the "Full" Gong Board Display

MiniGong is the compact version of the Gong discussion board. In a "full" Gong board (default size of 800 pixels width and 600 pixels height) much of the space has gone to the user and board information, the message list as well as the text content of the selected message. A single Gong board would occupy at least half of the screen of a common computer display because of these three components.

In MiniGong these components are removed from the interface and therefore it is much easier to fit a MiniGong into a webpage which contains other content. By doing so, the components left in the interface are mainly used for controlling the audio part of a message.

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The Interface of MiniGong

The following image shows an example of the interface. The buttons on the left of the top row are mostly used for controlling the playback of the voice message and the bottom half of the interface shows the current playback speed and current media time.

An Example MiniGong Display
An Example Showing the Actual Size (480 x 115) of a MiniGong Display

With MiniGong it is more intuitive to play and browse voice messages because it works similar to a typical CD player in which you can move from track to track easily. In addition to this the user can add their own recordings.

The message list can be brought up by clicking on the second last button on the right. An example is shown below. To make the list compact, it has only a single level structure. That means any replies would be hidden from this list. (You can't reply to a message using MiniGong).

The MiniGong Message List
Bringing up the MiniGong Message List from the List Button