Basic Operations

Basic Overview
Basic Overview of the Gong System Usage

The Gong system is based on a client-server architecture. That means any user has to use software on their computer to connect to a server in order to participate in discussion groups. The administrator of the system can manage the Gong server through any web browser.

In this website you can try the Gong program and applet by using our server. By installing your own copy of the Gong server you can have complete control of what you would like to offer using the Gong system.

The following tables list the basic features of the system. More advanced features are discussed in separate sections which can be linked from the description of features.

  • Gong can be used as a text and/or audio board
  • People can read/listen to messages, and reply to them
  • People can chat in the system in real-time and the conversation can be recorded
  • Can be used on any machine that supports Java (PC, Mac, Linux, Sun, etc)
  • Boards can have different levels of read/write permission
    i.e. completely open to all, password protected, or various mixtures
  • Various statistics can be generated from the discussion boards and the server
  • Can be executed as an application or through a web browser as a Java applet
Message Composition in the Gong Client Program
  • Very easy to use
  • Basically, just double-click on a message to hear/read it
  • User can adjust the speed of voice playback
  • User can submit a message containing text and/or audio in multiple languages
  • User hears automatic sound notification when there is a new message posted
  • User can see who is currently on the system
  • Some users can change their preferences such as the message color and the language of the user interface
User Upload
Batch User Upload in the Gong Web Module
  • Very easy to use
  • Can set up multiple boards
  • Can set up different levels of user
  • Can group users together
  • Can assign different groups to different boards
  • Can search (filter) board/ user details
  • Can sort fields in alphabetical order
  • Can automatically create users, boards or groups by importing details from a text file