Accessing Gong Using the Gong Applet and the Gong Application

People can use two methods to access Gong. One way is to use an application (in other words, a program). The other way is to use an applet. Both of them look and behave the same when you use them. Some minor differences are explained here.

The Gong Applet

Abstract View of the Gong Applet Inside a Browser
Abstract view of the Gong applet inside an HTML page, which is displayed on a web browser
One way to use Gong is by using the Gong applet. The applet, like any applet, is shown in a web page. That means you use your browser to go to a particular page, then you see the Gong applet in the page. Then you use the applet to log into the Gong system and use it.

One advantage of the Gong applet is that it can fit into any web page. It doesn't have to go into some kind of 'special' page. So it can be inserted into, for example, any course page for a school or University.

If you want to experience what the Gong applet looks like and what it can do, please try our demo version here.

The user needs to have the Java run-time environment installed for the Gong applet to work. Most computers already have this installed. You can use this link to test whether your machine has it. If it doesn't, you can get the latest Java from here and install it, and then run the Gong applet.

Using Gong with Moodle

If you are using Gong with Moodle then you will be using the applet, and so all the comments above apply to you.

Abstract View of the Gong Applet Inside Moodle
Abstract view of the Gong applet inside Moodle as a Gong activity

The Gong Application

The Gong application can be used instead of, or as well as, the Gong applet. The application is the same thing as a 'program'. After you install it you can access it in the usual way - for example, select Start > All Programs > Gong. It looks and behaves the same as the applet, although there are some relatively minor differences which are mentioned below. The Gong application is only available for Windows machines.

The Gong Application on the Start Menu
Start the Gong application from the start menu on a Windows XP system

One advantage of the application over the applet is that the user doesn't need to install anything else first. Specifically, he/she doesn't need to install any Java. The reason for that is because the application already includes Java.

Another advantage of the application over the applet is that when you are using Gong and you select a link to a file which is outside Gong (such as the dictionaries accessible by right-clicking, as described here), there should be no problem in accessing the file. But if you do that with the applet, the browser (particularly Internet Explorer) may block your access to the external file.

One disadvantage of the application compared to the applet is that the application can't be controlled by another program. The Gong application is 'stand-alone'. For example, with the applet you can tell it to automatically go to a specific board. But the application can't be used for those types of advanced control.

Also, after the Gong server has been set up we can help create an installer for that server. To do this, go here, fill in the basic details, and wait for a few minutes. We build the installer automatically and send out an email with the address where it can be downloaded. Then the installer can be distributed to anyone who is going to use the Gong system.

If you want to experience what the Gong application looks like and what it can do, please download and install our demo version here.